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How to make out whether it is a spoiled chicken?

How to make out whether it is a spoiled chicken

Chicken is a highly essential and nutritious food for many. But don’t assume that since you have kept it in the refrigerator for many days, it is going to stay fresh for ages. Just like any other meat, a term known as spoiled chicken does exist which can completely disrupt its taste, colour, and flavour of it.

You might just check right now whether the leftover chicken from the previous week in your fridge has gone rogue.

Be very cautious before you are stuffing chicken in your fridge for a party that is due in a few days. You don’t want to present your guests with a spoiled chicken and ruin their mood.

6 signs to look out for when the chicken turns bad

1. Expiry Date:

In the first instance, you pick up the product and have a look at the expiry date. It is advisable not to buy or consume any product which violates its expiry date. All products of Zorabian have their manufactured and expiry date clearly written on their packets. So the next time irrespective of which chicken brand you purchase, please do go through the expiry label to avoid cooking spoiled chicken

2. Color:

Before you have the chicken it is supposed to be visually appealing, right? So a fresh fleshy chicken is pink in color and just in case the coloring of the chicken turns grey, then please don’t let anyone consume it and dump it in your trash straightaway. 

3. Test the Texture:

Before you consume the chicken, just feel it with your bare hands. Raw chicken ought to have a slippery, soft, and glossy texture which indicates its freshness. If the chicken turns overly soft, sticky, or even thick, it’s one of the spoiled chicken signs, so stop eating it, right away.

4. Smell:

Never forget the nose ranks quite high on your face, even before your mouth. A bad chicken won’t emit a pungent or a strong odour, but a sour or a potent smell if detected then your nose job is done, your olfactory senses are a testimony to the fact that it is a spoiled chicken.

5. Unnecessary Growth:

Have a good look at the chicken, just in case you detect any suspicious molds, then be cautious. Even if you remove the molds, don’t think you won’t be exposed to any sicknesses or bacteria. So it is best to refrain from consuming chicken that has unnecessary growth. The unwanted growth is evidence of the fact that raw chicken has gone bad.

6. Ideal Storage:

Every respective chicken product demands its ideal storage value to sustain a certain interval of time. Zorabian products like Fresh chicken can be stored at a temperature of 0°C- 4°C (for 3 days) and in the deep freezer at -18°C (with a shelf life of 3 months). In terms of our RTC (Ready to Cook), the ideal temperature is -13°C to -18°C in a deep freezer and with a shelf life of 6 months to 9 months.

Pro tip: To ensure that the chicken is free of any pathogens or bacteria, just wash off the chicken with some lukewarm water and salt. A quick hack to ensure you don’t end up eating a spoiled chicken is always to boil the chicken first.

Always be cautious and keep your senses at an alert level to detect any suspicious chicken. Even if you tend to consume a foul chicken out of sheer blunder, then don’t worry, breathe, and don’t panic. You are way stronger than you think.

 Consult your doctor, the medications that he/she shall provide are sufficient enough to sail through this mistake. Follow a simple diet as recommended by your doctor.

Tell us how you dealt with a spoiled chicken when you came across one.

Here at Zorabian, we adhere to the vertically integrated process to make sure the right quality chicken is served each time. So please go ahead and order chicken online or from our stores and retail partners.

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