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Founded in the year 1983 by Khoram Zorabian, Zorabian Chicken is one of the leading poultry brands with its presence in 15 states and over 21 cities across India. Zorabian’s goal is to provide consumers across the country with the finest quality of antibiotic and hormone-free chicken products while staying true to their core values of Quality, Integrity, and Trust. Zorabian is the first in the poultry space in India to have built an environmentally controlled farm, housing state-of-the-art technology to make its processes more efficient and seamless.

Zorabian’s poultry farm spreads across 150 acres of space in Khopoli, a suburb located in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. Zorabian produces a range of chicken products in the category of Fresh Chicken, Frozen Chicken, Ready to Cook, and Pre-marinated chicken. Zorabian over the years has built a reputation for never compromising on its core values, making it a household brand, especially in Mumbai and Pune region.


1983 HUMBLE BEGINNINGS We started as a wholesale supplier of chicken, supplying to local traders, hotels and restaurants in loose unbranded bags near khopoli and parts of Mumbai and Pune. 1992 LAUNCHED THE BRAND IN HORECA With the growing demand for quality in the hotel, restaurants, and institutions in Mumbai and Pune, we entered the HORECA space supplying antibiotic-free chicken now in 2 kg sealed packs. 1995 INTRODUCTION OF AUTOMATION We introduced automation at the farm for better, faster, and more agile operations. 2006 LAUNCHED THE NEW BRAND LOGO 2007 LAUNCHED THE TRAY PACK CONCEPT Started supplying clean chicken cuts in tray pack format to meet the rising demand of retail household consumers. 2008 ENTERED MODERN RETAIL SPACE Growing demand from retail consumers encouraged us to take the brand forward to modern retail outlets. 2011 We launched our range of tasty and ready to cook, frozen products consisting of Sausages, Salamis, Desi Appetizers, and Kiddie-Friendly Delights. LAUNCHED READY TO COOK RANGE 2015 We entered other cities growing our business to Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmedabad, Surat and Baroda. Currently, we are operational in 21+ cities across India. SET OUR FOOTPRINTS PAN INDIA 2021 ENTERED THE
We launched our e-commerce website for our retail customers in Mumbai. Now place your order at a time and place of your convenience.



As the second generation to lead Zorabian, We stay committed to build on our Father’s legacy of Quality, Integrity and Trust

– Perizaad Zorabian

Perizaad Zorabian
Perizaad Zorabian

As the second generation to lead Zorabian, We stay committed to build on our Father’s legacy of Quality, Integrity and Trust

– Perizaad Zorabian


Zorabian Chicken is one of the finest chicken providers in India. For the last 39 years have been proving our mettle in the poultry industry through our precious assets which are Quality, Integrity, and Trust. Our brand was the brainchild of Mr. Khoram Zorabian who lead the brand through humble beginnings like supplying chicken initially to hotel owners and retailers and within the span of 39 years, Zorabian has made its presence known at the Pan India level. Currently, we are present in leading states and major cities of India and we are pursuing to cover the whole of India soon. Our company’s vision is quite simple “All under one roof” policy allows us to have total control over quality. At Zorabian, we grow our own chicken at our own farms. To produce premium quality chicken we have a strict safety parameter to undergo especially after the lock downs, our birds are kept in a bio-secured and environment-friendly condition. To ensure that the Chicken is resilient to viruses, we feed them a nutritious and protein-rich all-vegetarian diet filled with Maize and Soya.



India has been a fairly vegetarian country for many years, but in the last 20-25 years the eating habits and the nutritional needs of the masses have changed especially among the youth. Globalization has transitioned our meal preferences from heavy but healthy to light but unhealthy food. In such fast-paced life along with the Pandemic still looming it is high time, we take our health seriously. Chicken taken in moderation every day can be beneficial for health, completes daily intake of Protein as well it gives a rush of dopamine (happy hormone) release in your brain, which lightens your mood with pleasure. When the question of health is raised you don’t take chances, right? So trust the best and leave the rest, Zorabian only delivers premium quality chicken.

Children, youngsters as well as elderly adults splurge and indulge in a delicious chicken most of the time, but we not only supply raw fresh chicken but our exclusive range of Ready to Cook range helps to save the customer’s crucial daily hours, our fresh marinates leave the taste buds of our client’s wanting for more.



Zorabian since day one has been producing chicken that is completely free of steroids and harmful antibiotics. This forms the core of our values of Quality, Integrity, and Trust. We don’t indulge in nefarious business activities like increasing the weight of chicken or spiking it with enhancers. Premium Quality Chicken shall help you sail to a healthy life and ultimately to a happier life. Through quality products, Zorabian has given its consumers healthy options in their diet.