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Do you know the best way to clean and store chicken?

Do you know the best way to clean and store chicken

Safety is the topmost priority while dealing with raw chicken. They are prone to lots of diseases and viruses, thus utmost care is a must. To store chicken is indeed a task and not an easy one either, ask your mother for instance when she is busy preparing your favourite dish while you are just lazing out.

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Should you wash the raw chicken initially?

We are all in a dilemma when we bring raw chicken to our place. The CDC (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that washing off raw chicken leads to cross-contamination. In simple words when you rinse your chicken in the flowing tap water, there are high chances the harmful juices and bacteria may spill and lead to contracting foodborne diseases.

Every person has a moral obligation to cook fresh chicken so that their family is in the pink of health. Just in case you can’t resist the practice of washing the raw chicken then it is advisable to use acidic solutions like vinegar or lemon juice to get rid of the foul smell.

But, how to clean and store chicken?

1. Use a disposable bag:

As soon as the meat is chopped the freshness of the chicken is gauged right away. Always use a disposable bag and maintain it separately from your regular grocery bag. There is quite a high chance of the raw juices may spill and leak into your regular vegetables and fruits.

Maintain a secure container: Wrap up the chicken in a disposable bag and ensure you keep the raw chicken in a secure container in the refrigerator, to make sure that raw chicken juices don’t mix with other food items.

2. Wash, Clean, and use different utensils:

Just minutes before you are preparing the dish, follow the age-old drill of rinsing the utensils with hot water and use different utensils for raw chicken utensils. Even after you are done cooking, wash off the utensils in hot water or an acidic solution.

3. Avoid absorbable surfaces:

Be quite mindful of the surfaces from where you chop your chicken. Especially on wooden cutting boards, unsecured hard surfaces have major chances of absorbing all the juices. So it is better to refrain from porous surfaces or just wash off the surfaces well.

4. Right Temperature:

No matter how appealing the chicken might look, a little negligence in terms of storing it at the right temperature shall completely ruin the meat. So it is advisable that store the chicken at the right temperature.

5. Heating the leftovers:

Just in case you are not able to complete the whole raw chicken and left it for some other day. Make sure you preheat the stored chicken at a minimum temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning and storing chicken is quite an essential skill that one needs to master. You may not know how to cook chicken but the essence of how to clean and store it shall indeed save someone from contracting any harmful illnesses.

So go ahead and save lives !!

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