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Make way for the master of all chicken products

Make way for the master of all chicken products

Chicken isn’t like your mundane meals. You enter into a special frame of mind to get a gastronomical experience out of the meat. If you are aiming for the best, trust no other apart from Zorabian. It’s always said necessity is the mother of invention. So way back in the 1980s, there weren’t any good chicken products suppliers in Mumbai. As a result, our founder Mr Khoram Zorabian lead the path to supply state-of-the-art meat in and around Mumbai.

We evolved gradually incorporating a range of products under our brand. Our products range from RTC (Ready-To-Cook), Fresh Marinates, and fresh chicken. Zorabian constantly keeps on updating our product list as per the customer’s eating preferences. Whether it is minced chicken or tandoori chicken tikka we have got you all covered.

Some of our chicken products that shall leave you completely awe-struck are

master of all chicken products

1. Fresh Chicken Drumsticks:

Chicken Drumsticks

Have you wondered if veg drumsticks are so nutritious and healthy? For instance, just imagine where can non-veg drumsticks take you health-wise. Drumsticks are majorly the leg portion of the chicken and they are so delicious. The flesh is truly soft and supple and no matter how many times you chew it shall leave a constant urge to chew some more, the final lingering taste which follows shall make you fall in perpetual love with the dish. So experience this culinary love affair with our chicken drumstick. After that, your life will be truly lip-smacking.

2. Cocktail Pepper Chicken Sausages in Ready to Cook Range:

Chicken Cocktail Pepper Sausages

Breakfasts can be much more than just Poha, Upma, or bread butter. Similarly, let us give the first meal of the day its due credit and charge up with some cocktail pepper chicken sausages. Some sausages can be an exciting twist to our same boring breakfast. The cocktail of spices along with the protein-rich meat and not to miss the heavenly taste, your mouth started to water, right?

3. Cheese Spicy Chicken Salami in Ready to Cook Range:

Chicken N Cheese Spicy Salami

The Italian delights can do wonders to your appetite. Salami is indeed a privilege. Similarly, its sheer versatility is truly commendable. Spotted something missing in a sandwich? just try some salami, craved for something more in a filling just trust the salami roll, ever got truly pissed off with the rotating vegetables turning up in your lunch box, just chop a slice of cheese spicy chicken salami and have it on bread or roti. Salami and its intercontinental flavour shall never disappoint you.

4. Chicken Lollypops in Ready to Cook Range:

Chicken Lollypops

For those who want to just cut the clutter and save the hassle of preparing a dish from scratch. An exquisite range of delicious ready-to-cook chicken lollypops is there to serve your hunger. This fine set of lollypops is easy to cook and gets ready in no time. Just buy-remove-heat it and voila it’s all set to sink in your teeth.

5. Tandoori Burger Patty in Ready to Cook Range:

Chicken Tandoori Burger Patty

Swipe right to the ultimate tandoori burger patty. Taste the enticing tandoori tikka flavour and the meat within the bun is true yum. No other alternative to the tandoori burger patty Period

Quality and simplicity don’t require an introduction so the next time you are searching for the best chicken near me? for instance just googling to check the best chicken delivery near me. You definitely know whom to choose.

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