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Health Benefits About Chicken Sausage for Healthy You!

Health Benefits About Chicken Sausage for Healthy You!

Why opt for healthy chicken sausage? Are you trying to improve your lifestyle and make healthier choices concerning your diet? If you’re aiming to achieve weight loss by cutting down on your calorie intake or simply deciding to make improved healthy choices, chicken is the right way to go! Chicken is basically lean meat, resulting in much less harmful sodium and fat on your platter.

That’s where we at Zorabian Foods come in, to offer you our delicious and healthy chicken sausages which are filling and come in an array of flavours.

Are chicken sausages beneficial to my diet?

Definitely! Chicken sausage is a great source of protein. On average a man requires 56 grams of protein a day, while a woman requires 46 grams.1 A healthy chicken sausage has approximately 14 grams per link which meets 20 percent of your daily protein needs!2

Does it take long to cook frozen chicken sausages?

Not at all! Most chicken sausages, like Zorabian Foods chicken sausage, are pre-steamed cooked scaling your cooking time down to the bare minimum. Just toss them up in a non-stick pan or grill them, the choice is yours. You could chop them and add them to curries, sandwiches or salads. The internet is overflowing with quick recipes to help you. It’s a myth that you have to cook the sausages before eating, they are fully cooked already and you can consume them right out of the chicken sausage packet!

Will I find a chicken sausage shop near me?

Absolutely! Zorabian Foods distribution network is exceptional. Not only are we available at leading supermarkets and outlets, but you can also order from us online. We will make sure you receive our freshest chicken products in the shortest possible time.

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What if I don’t care for the taste of regular chicken? I find it bland.

Not to worry. We have your back! We have a delightful array of flavours to tempt your palate. The chicken breakfast sausages have a milder continental flavour but we have the spicier ones to offer too. You could go for chicken cheese sausage, so along with protein, you are adding dairy to your diet too.

By choosing chicken sausages you are choosing nutritional benefits for yourself! Remember your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

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