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Chicken Marinade that shall stump you for sure

Chicken Marinade that shall stump you for sure

Experiencing the magic of marinates is truly a delight. Marinate involves soaking the meat in a seasoned acidic or neutral mixture for a brief or long period of time. It is an essential process to make sure that the chicken softens and along with the flavour, it is more pleasing to have each bite. But we shall spare you the hassle and deliver ready-to-cook chicken marinade in no time.

Chicken lovers have a perpetual hunger for meat, no matter if their bellies are completely filled but the saga of hogging food goes on and on. Thus to satisfy your chicken cravings Zorabian brings to you a range of 5 chicken marinade recipes.

All chicken marinade and no memories are just like a birthday cake without cherries!!

1. Chicken Boneless Tandoori Tikka:

The true essence of a chicken dish lies in its marinates. Moreover, if the marinade is a “Tandoori” one then be ready to binge on it. The origin of Tandoori chicken can be traced back to north India. After that over the years, it has evolved itself as per regional eating preferences. So if your appetite is chicken-friendly then do sink your teeth in these marinades. Remove-Heat-Skew It-Cherish the memories later.

2. Chicken Pahadi Tikka:

The scorching summers are brutal but Pahadi marinates shall never fail to deliver. Breast boneless with a little spice. Adding on the goodness of spinach and cream is quite tantalizing for your taste buds, isn’t it? Grab your favourite drink, get the marinades to heat, and ultimately savour heaven on a plate.

3. Chicken Lahori Tikka:

Food, in general, is beyond any ethnic or region’s identity. Above all the basic goal of a dish is to satisfy people’s culinary hunger and leave a legacy. An international dish is after all we all crave for. So Lahori tikka should rank quite high on your seasoned special cuisines.

4. Chicken Malai Tikka:

A sigh of relief for those who prefer their food less spicy. The thick cream is less spicy. Similarly, the subtle tikka flavours of the dish shall make you indulge again and again. Since its spice is relatively milder the dish is an ideal preference for children and elderly folks.

5. Chicken Reshmi Tikka:

A smooth blend of spices such as cumin, coriander, cloves, and red chillies. Along and then the ultimate tikka flavour shall leave you completely spellbound. Get your whole gang around, order Zorabian’s Reshmi tikka and cherish the tiny moments of the cuisine.

No matter whichever Ready-to-cook range marinates your order you shall surely be fascinated by its unique taste. Zorabian’s tikka range shall leave a lingering delicious taste that shall stay with you forever.

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