At Zorabian we NEVER source our meat from any external source or farm. All birds go through Ante Mortem and Post Mortem inspection set by our team of vets and experts to check for any pathogenic infections before accepting them in for processing. We grow and process our own birds and also produce our own feed. We source the highest quality of Maize and Soya to produce an all-natural and nutritious poultry feed that is 100% vegetarian and antibiotic-free. All Zorabian products go through several safety, hygiene, and quality checks set as per the norms of the Food and Safety standards association of India (FSSAI) at every stage of the production process.

We have both options depending upon what the consumer wants to purchase. Fresh Chicken is chicken that is freshly cut daily and has a shelf life of 3 days provided the chicken is stored at a temperature of below 4°C. Frozen chicken is chicken that is blast frozen at – 40°C and has a shelf life of 3 months provided it is always stored at -18°C. Both Fresh and Frozen chicken is absolutely antibiotic and preservative-free and the longevity of the products is purely based upon the freezing/chilling method adopted. Fresh chicken is ideal for everyday cooking and Frozen chicken is ideal for those who like to consume smaller portions daily but do not have time to purchase chicken on an everyday basis. Our Frozen chicken range is available in selected stores across Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, and Goa, whereas our Fresh Chicken range is available in Mumbai and Pune across all major modern retail outlets. Fresh chicken can also be ordered online on Big Basket, Zepto, Natures Basket, Dunzo, Swiggy, and also on our website shop.zorabian.com

  • Always buy from a known source.
  • The meat you buy needs to be light pink in color.
  • Always check the manufacturing or date of packing. If you are buying fresh chicken, please make sure the date on the pack is not older than 3 days.
  • Fresh chicken is generally odorless or has a light meaty smell but if the chicken is smelling bad in spite of it being within the date of expiry, please avoid buying the same.

Raw Fresh and Marinated Chicken

Our fresh range of chicken cuts and marinated chicken are packed in an FSSAI food grade certified tray with a transparent and breathable film which allows the product to remain fresh for a longer time. The entire process is fully automated with minimum human contact. Raw fresh tray packs are packed in an enclosed cold room which maintains a temperature of 0 – 4 Degrees Celcius throughout the processing stage. Once the product is packed, it is shifted to refrigerated vans which deliver the products to your nearest cold storage or retail outlet. All online orders placed on shop.zorabian.com are directly delivered from our factory depots located in Santacruz and Chembur.

Ready to Cook Range

Our ready-to-cook range of products like salamis, sausages, and appetizers is vacuum packed in an FSSAI food-grade certified PP pouch. Once ready, the products are immediately shifted to the blast freezer which has a temperature of -40 Degrees Celcius for instant freezing of the products. This instant freezing technique helps in preserving the freshness and taste of the ready-to-cook range. These frozen ready-to-cook products are then transported to temperature-controlled vans which have a temperature of – 18 – 20 Degrees Celcius and delivered to your nearest cold storage or retail outlet. We always advise our partners and customers to store ready-to-cook products at a temperature of -18 Degrees Celcius and below.

At Zorabian, we DO NOT indulge in the usage of Antibiotics for growth Promotion or inflating the weight of the bird artificially. An all-Natural 100% Vegetarian Diet helps to ensure that our chickens get the right nutrition they need to stay healthy and improve immunity. This requires us to maintain the Highest Standards of biosecurity, temperature-controlled environment, and uncompromisable farming practices which form our core.

At Zorabian, we produce our own feed which is all-natural and 100% vegetarian. We source the highest quality of maize and soya to ensure wholesome nutrition for our birds. Processing our own feed means greater control over the quality of the feed which eventually results in a better quality of meat. If you are what you eat then, what the chickens eat matters too.

Fresh chicken should be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C or below. It should be used latest within three days of the date on the package and if it is not going to be used within that time, it should be frozen at -18°C.

YES! Zorabian chicken is absolutely safe for consumption.

Our processes are totally vertically integrated which allows us to have greater control over every aspect of food safety, right from the breeder farm to the hatchery through the processing plant and ultimately to our distribution network. We never source our birds from any unknown sources and all our birds are grown in our own farms in a safe and biosecure environment. Hence, there is absolutely NO CHANCE of birds getting infected as they are completely isolated from the outside world. Every batch of our chickens go through multiple safety checks at every stage and are monitored by our veterinary team of doctors and experts. Moreover, the water and ice used during the production and distribution process are purified in our in-house RO plant.

Yes! We follow the Halal way of processing birds as the halal method is scientifically proven to be more hygienic than any other method of processing meat.

Zorabian is accredited by ISO 22000 certificate by BSI Assurance United Kingdom Limited for maintaining International standards of food processing. We are also certified by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) and by the Maharashtra Pollution control board for maintaining safe, hygienic, and clean processing practices.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is advisable to cook meat at or above 70 degrees Celsius so that absolutely no meat remains raw and is completely safe for consumption. Cooking at 70 degrees Celsius and above also kills all bacteria, germs, or viruses if present in the meat. Use separate utensils to cook meat and avoid using the same utensil for other purposes without washing them thoroughly with a soap solution.

The answer is NO. Humans cannot contract bird flu unless they come in direct contact with a live infected bird. As long you cook your chicken at 70 degrees and above, you are absolutely safe.

Yes! You can now buy Zorabian Chicken products online on Big Basket, Zepto, Nature’s Basket, Dunzo, Swiggy, Amazon, and on our own platform shop.zorabian.com if you are located in Mumbai and Pune. Our ready to cook range is available online on Big basket in various cities across India like Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhopal, and Hyderabad