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5 Ways to Make & Enjoy Zorabian Chicken Tikka Now!

Chicken tikkas are undoubtedly the king of starters when it comes to Indian cuisine. The chicken tikkas, whether it is the classic tandoori chicken tikka, the malai chicken tikka, the chicken reshmi tikka or the pahadi chicken tikka are always a crowd pleaser.

For someone who loves to entertain and cook for family and friends but has a super busy schedule, we have it all covered. With our array of pre-marinated chicken tikkas, you can cook up a spread in minutes. You may decide to choose from one of the many or do a delicious mixed chicken tikkas platter. You can add in multiple dips and accompaniments like the coriander mint chutney, tzatziki, or salsa to make the evening even more fun.    

Zorabian Chicken Tikkas

The Zorabian chicken marinates are a result of many many hours of research and experimenting to bring you the perfect spice mix. Our Chicken Tikkas are the very best in both taste and quality. There is so much you can do with the Zorabian chicken tikkas. They make it easy for even newlyweds, bachelors, or students who are still finding their way in the kitchen to rustle up some lip-smacking delights.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy Zorabian Chicken Tikkas

1- Chicken Tandoori Tikka Sandwich

Chicken Tandoori Tikka Sandwich

The chicken tandoori tikka can be given an easy and simple twist and enjoyed as a succulent chicken tandoori sandwich. With just a few everyday ingredients from your pantry, a delicious sandwich for tea or the lunch box is so simple.  Try out its recipe now!

2- Chicken Lahori Gravy

Chicken Lahori Gravy

Want a quick tasty gravy to accompany your naans, rotis or pulao? The Chicken Lahori Tikka is just perfect for making your Chicken Lahori Gravy. It is sure to win you many compliments. Smart cooking is the best way to find time with family you so look forward to.   

You can now add the tikkas to your favourite gravies or turn them into delectable sandwiches. They are just what you need for that gourmet spread for gatherings or a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch.

3- Classic Chicken Tandoori Tikkas

Classic Chicken Tandoori Tikkas

The classic chicken tandoori tikkas always have a special place. With our pre-marinated tikkas, cooking is easy and quick.  You can also add to your platter a few accompaniments like the quintessential coriander mint chutney, a salad of onions and tomatoes, and a few lemon wedges.  With this, you have the perfect hors d’oeuvre or appetizer in minutes.    

4- Chicken Pahadi Wrap

Chicken Pahadi Wrap

A wrap is such a delicious complete meal. With veggies, chicken, and the dressing added in, it is also food you can carry on the move. The Chicken Pahadi Wrap is such a tasty twist you can take with you while travelling or on a picnic. You can experiment with store-bought tortillas, a roomali roti or homemade chapatis for your wrap. Try out its recipe now!

5- Chicken Reshmi Tikka Pizza

Make Chicken Reshmi Tikka Pizza

The Zorabian Chicken Reshmi Tikka makes it so easy to now have a fancy Chicken Reshmi Tikka Pizza for your weeknight dinner. You can bring together the pizza in minutes with the pre-marinated reshmi tikkas. Put it into the oven and enjoy it with your drink and a book.   

With the Zorabian range of smart cooking options, you can now make every meal a tasty treat. You can order chicken online and rustle up a gastronomic delight in minutes with Zorabian.

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