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Quick Way To Make Low Sodium Chicken Breast Recipe

Quick Way To Make Low Sodium Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken is one of the most healthy items you can choose. No matter what health complications you have, like high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, you can certainly have chicken breast. However, you must remember that large quantities of sodium can harm your body. Additionally, fitness enthusiasts who want their bodies to be a certain way must reduce sodium intake. Today, we will be talking about some of the quick ways to make low sodium chicken breast recipe. And consequently, how you can make these with a minimum of hassle. So we suggest you buy farm fresh, healthy chicken from Zorabian Foods.

We have the finest quality whole chicken, chicken breast boneless, chicken leg boneless, chicken drumstick, chicken mince, chicken cubes, etc., available for you. You can order fresh farm chicken from our website or through top food/grocery delivery apps.

We suggest you get the chicken breast pieces and prepare your favourite dish. You can cook different dishes with unique recipes and enjoy every meal with your family or friends.

Steps To Make Low-Sodium Chicken Breast Recipe:

When it comes to preparing low-sodium chicken breast, there are many recipes you can try. However, we have the easiest one for you, which does not take up much time or even ingredients. The only thing you need to remember is to try to complete all of the steps. Consequently, it will be a cakewalk for you as well. We have detailed our recipe to be perfect for those on a diet.

Step 1

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to get hold of good quality chicken breast. The quality will ensure you get all the correct nutritional values. Hence, the meal will be good for your health. You can source the chicken breast from none other than Zorabian Foods. And we ensure that only the best reaches you so that it holds the flavours of the chicken breast.

Step 2

The next step you need to do is seasoning. You need to add pepper which could be a complete replacement for salt and the primary source of sodium. Not only that, if you love a bit of spice, you can choose to add paprika or chilli powder. This particular ingredient adds many flavours and could be an excellent substitute for sodium. Not only that, you can add sodium in a tiny proportion. Therefore try to keep it to less than 3mg per 100 grams of chicken breast.

Step 3

The next thing you can do is add a bit of marinade. For the marinade, you can take anything like lemon, oranges, lime or even a dash of apple cider vinegar. In most cases, this marinade with a bit of pepper tends to be excellent and adds many great flavours. For those, salt is essential for the taste, and the marinade will be a great option.

Step 4

The easiest thing you can do in this case is to cook up a bit of marinade. You may choose products like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and seasonings like dried herbs and chilli flakes. Ensure that once you have done the marinade, you can keep the chicken. Hence, chicken pieces will soak up the flavours much better. Here, we suggest you soak the chicken for at least half an hour, which will automatically tenderise the meat.

Step 5

Finally, cook the chicken in a skillet or grill pan after you soak up the marinade. Add a dash of olive oil from the extra virgin variant. Add the chicken breast and cook the same on low heat. Ensure that you can preserve the softness of the meat. We will always suggest that when it comes to low sodium chicken, keep the flame significantly less. And this will protect the nutrients of the chicken breast as well.

After you cook the chicken on low heat for ten minutes on each side, take it out and serve. You can garnish the same with a little lime juice and a side of tossed vegetables.


If you want to ace the low sodium chicken breast recipe, the quality of the chicken is essential. Order farm fresh chicken from Zorabian Foods by clicking here and also via one of the top food and grocery delivery apps. We ensure you will get the purest quality chicken without added chemicals or preservatives.

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