Mughlai Murgh Musallam

Mughlai Murgh Musallam can now be made at home (Recipe)

Firstly, Mughlai Murgh Mussalam is a meal that is popular both in India and in international locations. Secondly "Murgh," basically means chicken while the word "Mussalam" in Urdu means "whole" or "complete." Further Murgh Mussalam therefore literally translates to "a whole chicken." You can use saffron, cinnamon, cloves, poppy seeds, cardamom, and chili as the spices in this dish, includ...

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5 Awsome health benefits of farm fresh organic chicken

Know these 5 Health Benefits of Farm Fresh Chickens

There is no doubt that farm fresh chickens are probably something that each of us loves to have. Not only that, there are terms of different ways in which you can enjoy your favourite chicken. Did you know that the quality of the chicken is a crucial factor that we need to pay attention to? Today we will talk about the top benefits you can reap when you consume fresh chicken. Not only tha...

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How to make the Bengali style chicken cutlet

How To Make a Bengali Style Chicken Cutlet?

Who does not love to have some delicious chicken cutlet, right? Specifically, this is prevalent when discussing the Bengali chicken cutlet or fowl cutlet. You might wonder how the Bengali chicken cutlet differs from the other versions we frequently have. We will talk about this today and help you make the perfect Bengali-style chicken cutlet. However, make sure that you have the perfect f...

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Know about Cold Cuts Nutritional Aspects to Food Safety Guide

Know about Cold Cuts: Nutritional Aspects to Food Safety Guide

Who does not love cold cuts, right? Be it for a breakfast speciality or even along with the evening coffee, cold cuts are perfect! But do you have enough idea about the nutritional aspect of the same? In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on whether cold cuts are healthy for consumers. Not only that, as customers, many of us are often wondering whether we should purchase them or ...

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Why should you avoid foods with antibiotic residue

Reasons Why Should You Avoid Food With Antibiotic Residue?

Food is something that fuels our body and makes sure that we charge up to perform various duties. But what if this food causes us more damage than required and ultimately interferes with the healthy living of individuals? One detrimental implication we will discuss today is antibiotic residue effects on food. Not many people know this, but having traces of antibiotics in your food can dam...

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Bhuna Chicken Masala Recipe - your go to chicken curry

How to Make Bhuna Chicken Masala – your go to Chicken Curry

Bhuna chicken masala is a chicken curry that is not only delicious but also flavourful. If you try this recipe of chicken bhuna masala once, then this is going to be your favourite go-to chicken curry. The chicken bhuna masala beautifully balances the sweetness of caramelised onions with the tanginess of tomatoes. It is a tasty gravy with succulent chicken pieces that you can serve with a...

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