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25 Exciting Ways to Prepare Chicken Sausages

25 Exciting Ways to Prepare Chicken Sausages

Are you looking for new exciting ways to prepare chicken sausages? Do you want to figure out how to turn chicken sausages into yummy choices? Today, we will help you with some fantastic sausage chicken recipes to make your gastronomic experience truly amazing.

Chicken sausages come in a lot of variety. You may get Plain sausages, Spicy sausages, Pepper sausages, BBQ sausages, Cheese N Onion sausages, Jalapeno Cheese sausages, etc. You can use different chicken sausages and cook fantastic meals in different tastes and flavours.

One important thing is that you must use good quality and freshly made chicken sausages from a reliable source. Chicken producers and suppliers like Zorabian Foods offer farm-fresh chicken in good health. Our range of chicken sausages will bring forth the best taste because these are entirely free of antibiotics and hormones. We also avoid using any artificial flavour in the chicken so that the freshness and nutrition remain intact.

Healthy chicken sausage is a high-protein item. And because it is sourced from lean meat of chicken, you will have a high-level protein content. In addition, a unique thing about chicken sausages is that you can whip them into delicious dishes. As they have a mild taste, you can create a variety of delicious preparations using them.

Today we share the top 25 dishes you can cook when you have fresh sausages. Buy frozen chicken sausage from Zorabian Foods, and you will have all the goodness of lean meat. We also have some fantastic chicken sausage packets in different flavours to add that uniqueness to your dishes. Let’s take you through the best 25 ways to prepare chicken sausages recipes, so you never get bored with this protein source.

25 Yummy Ways To Prepare Chicken Sausages:

The recipes we will share today are straightforward and perfect for your meal or snacks. Some of the unique items that you can choose to make delicious preparations are:

1. Chilly Sausage:

For this recipe, you need a few plain chicken sausages. First, dice them up into small pieces. After that, add a bit of oil to the pan, add some chillies, and toss the sausages. Next, you can season the concoction with a dash of pepper, salt, chilly sauce, tomato ketchup, and barbeque sauce. If you do not have all these sauces, you can choose the BBQ sausages from our range at Zorabian Foods and repeat the process without any additional sauces. And your delicious chilly sausages are ready for you. You can try one more chilly fry chicken sausage recipe.

2. Sausage Pasta:

It is a unique recipe; hence you can pack it up for lunch or eat it during dinner. To prepare chicken sausages pasta, You only need to add a few BBQ sausages or jalapeno cheese sausages to your pasta, and you are good to go with a proper meal. We suggest that if you have a spicy pasta preparation, you can add plain sausage and if you have a mild pasta dish like white sauce pasta, add spicy sausages, which will bring more flavour to your dish.

3. Sausage Fried Rice:

Who does not like fried rice, right? One of the best things about this particular dish is that you can cook it easily and make a delicious, wholesome meal. And everyone will also happily eat the fried rice. To prepare chicken sausages with Fried Rice, The only thing that you need to do is, along with your chopped-up vegetables, add a few chopped sausages. Mix it with the rice and other vegetables, and your sausage fried rice is ready. You can choose the jalapeno cheese sausage or any other sausage from Zorabian Foods and enjoy the goodness of chicken.

4. Finger Sandwiches with Sausage:

Looking for some yummy snack options to serve at a tea party? Well, finger sandwiches are the best. To prepare chicken sausages with Finger Sandwiches, Take pieces of bread, add a small layer of butter, and top it with chopped sausages mixed with your choice of vegetables. You can add an extra cheese layer or get the cheese N onion chicken sausage from Zorabian Foods. The best part is that all kinds of sausages available at Zorabian Foods are fresh and highly palatable! Remember not to miss your favourite dip as you serve the sandwiches to your guests.

5. Tossed Vegetables with Sliced Sausage:

Looking for some healthy meal options that are tasty as well? To prepare the chicken sausages recipe, add some oil or butter to a skillet. Then, add all your favourite vegetables and add some chopped pieces of sausage to it. Toss all the ingredients in medium flame and sprinkle some herbs on it; you are good to go. Tossed vegetables with sliced sausages are a delicious and easy recipe to make.

6. Cheese Sausage Sandwich:

The next dish that we are going to talk about is a chicken and cheese-overloaded sandwich. To prepare a chicken sausages dish, you need to get good quality fresh sausages. If you are looking for “chicken sausage near me”, you can rely on Zorabian Foods and order them online. Just make your sandwich with the sausages and choose to add an overload of cheese to it. You may choose parmesan or mozzarella cheese and grill it for the best effect. You will fix a crispy chicken cheese sausage sandwich in minutes and eat it leisurely for a lingering taste.

7. Honey Mustard Sausage:

Yes, you read it right. Honey Mustard sausage is one of the best recipes you can make quickly. And for this, you need spicy sausages diced into small pieces. Mix some honey and mustard sauce, and don’t forget to flavour it with pepper and salt. If you want to add more spice, make sure to add a few green chillies. Enjoy your honey mustard sausages and also share them with your loved ones.

8. Sausage Pizza:

The sausage pizza is one of the best dishes and quite favourable for kids. You take a pizza base, smear some sauce, and add your favourite vegetables and a few sausage pieces. Remember to season the same with oregano and chilli flakes. Finally, add your required dose of cheese to it for the best effect. And then bake the same in your oven for a couple of minutes. You and your children will love the sausage pizza for sure.

9. Sausage Broth:

Sausage broth is an excellent option for those who feel sick and want something to soothe their system. You only need to get some vegetables and chicken sausage and then simmer it for an hour in a vessel. Then, you can add a bit of freshly crushed peppercorns for the right aroma and taste. Sausage broth is great for health, and it will also soothe your taste buds.

10. Sausage Chaat:

Sausage chat is an excellent recipe for those who are looking for finger food that is easy to make. It will help if you chop up cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and chillies. And then add some chopped spicy sausages tossed in the pan. Then, squeeze a bit of lemon juice, a bit of chilli and coriander, and your sausage chaat will be ready.

11. Sausage Stuffed Naan:

Who does not love a crispy naan, right? You only need to make a small sausage stuffed in the naan for this recipe. Then, roll it out evenly with light hands, so it does not squeeze out. You can also add a bit of butter for some added taste as you fry it in the pan. Sausage stuffed naan is a great addition to a rich and complete meal.

12. Grilled Sausage Skewers:

Who does not love to eat skewers? For this, get some big sausage pieces and onions and tomatoes. Then, grill them on an open fire and add a bit of glaze with butter or honey for a better taste. Again, choose to get some fresh sausages; for this. You can rely on Zorabian Foods for the best chicken sausages and enjoy the freshness of the chicken products.

13. Sausage Roll:

If you have leftover rotis, you can make delicious sausage rolls. Roll up the rotis with spicy ketchup and sausages and vegetables of your choice. If you want to make it easy to carry, cut it into small pieces, and put it in a tiffin box. Add tomato sauce while eating the sausage rolls, and finish it with your favourite beverages.

14. Omelettes Stuffed With Chicken Sausage:

Omelette is a very easy-to-make recipe. And for this, you need two eggs whipped into a fluffy mixture with salt and pepper. Once the omelette is half-cooked on the pan, you can add the sausages and then fold them into a beautiful omelette. You will enjoy this chicken sausage stuffed omelette during your breakfast. Then, add some freshly squeezed juice, and you can be ready to head out for a long day at work.

15. Spaghetti with Diced up Sausages:

This particular recipe is great for those who have kids who are fussy eaters at the same time. You can get some boiled spaghetti and add a bit of seasoning with salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Remember to chop the pieces of sausages into finger size and then mix it nicely with the spaghetti. Toss all the ingredients on the pan for some time, and your sausage spaghetti will be ready in minutes. Serve it hot, and your children will love it.

16. Cheese Grilled Sausages:

Who does not like cheese and sausages, right? You need to make a small sausage split and add some grated cheese. The best option, in this case, is to choose the plain sausage from Zorabian Foods. And these are very tasty because they are also entirely antibiotic-free and free from any kind of hormones. We prepare the chicken sausages under hygienic conditions so that all the nutrients remain intact. And people can enjoy the taste of tender meat and get all the nutrition from it.

17. Sausage Corn Dog:

If you love to eat fried food items, the essential option is sausage corn dogs. It is straightforward to make this recipe. And for this, you need to make a batter with some cornflour, besan, chilly powder, and salt. Make sure that the batter is not very thin. Then, coat the sausage with the batter and deep fry it in hot oil. Try to choose the spicy sausage range from Zorabian Foods for extra flavour to the food item. Not only are these tasty, but they are also the best quality sausage you can get hold of. So make your sausage corn dogs and enjoy a lazy evening with your loved ones.

18. Sausage Hotdogs:

Hotdogs are one favourite food for many. You can easily choose to get hotdog bread from the market. Add a sausage strip in between, add some sauces to it, and grill it lightly in the pan or microwave. We suggest you go forward with the BBQ sausage from us at Zorabian Foods because it is indeed very flavoursome. The best part is that you can fill up your tummy while ensuring the goodness of protein from the chicken sausages.

19. Sausage Kebab:

Kebabs are certainly something that each one of us loves. All you need to do for this is take a piece of sausage and add some spicy masalas. You may go for some kebab masala that you can quickly get from the market. Keep it marinated, and then grill it in the oven at high heat for around 8 to 10 minutes. Add a bit of chat masala and lemon juice to the sausage kebabs for flavour and taste. You can make this preparation for your guests and let them enjoy an evening full of good food. 

20. Sausage Pie:

Although it might sound very fancy, sausage pies are easy to make. First, you must have a puff pastry sheet and a pie pan. Try to cover the pan with the sheet and then add the sausages chopped into small bits. Grease with a bit of butter and then bake it in the oven. Your yummy sausage pie is ready, and you can serve it hot for the best taste.

21. Mushroom Sausage:

Mushrooms and sausages are indeed great options to try on. First, just dice your mushroom and sausage. Next, add some butter to the pan, and toss the mushrooms and the sausages lightly. Finally, add some salt and pepper and a bit of oregano to it. And your mushroom sausages will be ready. And for some added flavour, we suggest you go forth with pepper sausages to compliment the taste of the mushroom.

22. Butter Garlic Sausage:

Butter and garlic are a deadly combination, and here you can take it a notch higher by adding some fresh sausages. First, heat a dice of butter and add some chopped garlic. Wait until it turns golden brown. The next thing that you need to do is add some excellent sausages and then toss them lightly. Finally, stir fry the same for some time, and your butter garlic sausage will be ready. Butter garlic sausages are yummy, and these are even great for kids.

23. White Sauce Sausages:

Who does not like some creamy and delicious white sauce, right? You can enhance the flavours by adding a little bit of fresh and yummy sausage. To make the white sauce, take some butter, wheat flour and milk. Bring the milk to a boil in a pan, and add butter and wheat flour. And stir it continuously until it turns thick and creamy. Once it thickens, you can add the sauce to your sausages. Choose the spicy sausage for this recipe, and you get the best from Zorabian Foods, the freshest you can get.

24. Fries Loaded With Sausages:

Fries and sausages are indeed a match made in heaven. And hence, the combination of the two is excellent. You can get some fries from the market or make them at home. Once done, plate it nicely and add some tossed sausages, which are chopped into small pieces. Next, you can add some spicy sauce and then microwave them for a couple of minutes. And your perfect snack would be ready for you to serve.

25. Nacho With Sausages:

And finally, the last recipe that we will discuss is none other than some nachos with sausages. You can get the nachos readily available in the market and add some fried sausages. Then crush some pepper, add cheese, and microwave it for a few minutes. It will come out all creamy and will be easy to eat!

The Final Wrap

For each recipe mentioned above, you must source the freshest options. For this, you can order the best sausages from Zorabian Foods. And we will ensure that your experience is one of the best. The sausages we have are completely antibiotic-free; hence, no added chemical can tamper with the taste of the sausages. Each recipe we have mentioned is with Zorabian Foods, and you get the most yummilicious options.

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