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BBQ chicken seems a perfect holiday delight!

BBQ chicken seems a perfect holiday delight!

The term Barbeque strikes quite a rosy picture in our minds. Free outdoor space, a cool winter day, and probably a party in the house. The ultimate attraction is the barbeque grill where the food will be cooked in a hassle-free manner.

An invite to a Barbeque party is one that everyone looks up to, where the mood is absolutely relaxed and pleasant.

A barbeque chicken involves simple marinades, blends, flavours, and barbeque sauce to complete the ingredient list.

A little expertise in cooking goes a long way to get that lip-smacking, super delicious BBQ Chicken making it a perfect holiday delight. Fresh chicken needs to be grilled on slow fire/flame for approx 30-35 mins. After that turn it occasionally, (keep the lid of the griller shut after every turn to get a soft smoky hot experience you will cherish for a long time) with skin on please so that the chicken pieces remain moist & juicy

Understand the difference between Grilling and Barbeque

Understand the difference between Grilling and Barbeque

For most first-timers, these terms are merely flowery language. But isn’t there a difference in understanding and even you’re eating preferences? It finally all depends on where you place the lid. For a BBQ chicken, the lid is closed so that it cooks up the protein and a little low flame is applied on the sides. While during the grilling process the lid is opened and as a result more direct access to the fire and the entire chicken is cooked evenly.

Check these before making BBQ Chicken

Check these before making BBQ Chicken
  1. Ensure you have an open space while firing up the grill
  2. Keep children away from the flames
  3. A sufficient distance from the house is advisable
  4. Keep the Grill or Barbeque equipment on a firm surface

Look out while making BBQ Chicken

  1. Keep on tossing and turning the BBQ chicken occasionally
  2. Use long tongs or equipment to avoid body burns
  3. Keep a functioning fire extinguisher nearby
  4. Have a vigilant sense of the wind to avoid any accident

Some precautions after making BBQ chicken

  • Allow the grill to cool down completely and then touch it
  • Keep children at a distance

Finally, just chill and indulge in BBQ chicken guilt-free.

Let us know in the comment section your perfect holiday delight!

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