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You have to know these 5 things before buying chicken!

You got to know these 6 things before buying chicken

Indian society has certain days earmarked to allow people to have non-vegetarian food. Unlike in western countries, all sorts of meat are a staple food. But in India, those who live with their parents have to curb their chicken cravings to a particular day. Buying chicken is such a wholesome delight not only individually but also for the entire family. Recall those days when your mother used to prepare mouth-watering Butter Chicken and some chicken lollipops on a lazy afternoon. The aroma of your mummy’s chicken recipe, the spices that drooled you over, and how you were automatically driven towards the dinner table without your phone.

But have you even realized how much effort it takes for buying chicken right and prepare it as per your choice? Amidst the trend of commercial gains, getting a chicken that suits your health is indeed a task.
But when you are away from home and you don’t have your parents spoon-feed you, your favourite chicken dish. Still, the craving persists, and finally, you set out to buy the meat physically or order chicken online.

Here are certain things to remember before buying chicken:

1. Appearance of Chicken Package:

1. Appearance of chicken package

What ultimately appeals to the eye, your heart shall automatically say Buy! It is indeed a common human tendency; a chicken grabs an eater’s attention through its charming looks.

A chicken should be pinkish in colour rather than red, the colour red isn’t the most desired by the foodies. In case a chicken turns slightly red it isn’t an alarming situation, so CHILL!! And leave aside your colour bias.

Packaging is the Heart and Soul of the product. Apart from being visually appealing, it must be rigid enough to hold the product amidst transportation and other stress.
A well-designed pack with the right combination of packaging material matters the most. Your pack should have bright colours making the pack speak aloud to customers & make them pick it up.
When we visit a supermarket, we are naturally drawn to the brand whose packaging is appealing to the eye & thus inclined to buy chicken online or offline.

2. Buy Antibiotic-Free Chicken:

2. Buy Antibiotic Free Chicken

It is the producer’s responsibility to make sure that his chicken is free of any diseases and harmful bacteria. Thus antibiotics are used so that the birds are immune to certain diseases, but it does pose some danger.

Antibiotics are majorly used to spike unnatural growth among the flock of birds. But ultimately it doesn’t gauge any benefit to the consumer since its health takes a hit. So be wise and choose a product that is antibiotic-free.

So be wise and choose a product which is antibiotic-free.

3. You’re Eating preferences:

4. You'r Eating Preferences

Before you learn about chicken, firstly get a hold of your own eating preferences. Liking a chicken doesn’t mean you have an appetite for it, maybe you need regular chicken munchings like Zorabian’s Chicken Lollipop.

Zorabian has a whole range of products like marinades, fresh, and Ready to Cook chicken that matches your eating preferences. So be conscious before buying chicken and go ahead & indulge guilt-free in Zorabian’s Chicken.


4. Buying from a brand you can trust:

5. Buying From a Brand You Can Trust

In the times of sponsored ADS, fake news, and paid media, brand value and brand integrity do exist. Those brands that have existed for years like Zorabian have made their products speak for themselves.

It is best to invest in a brand that keeps Quality, Integrity, and Trust at its helm.

Apart from earning profits, only a handful of brands align themselves to a nationalistic goal of being “VOCAL FOR LOCAL”. As well as a global mission to mitigate climate change through “OUR PLANET, OUR RESPONSIBILITY”.

Trust the product and the brand value shall follow.

5. Check what you get for the price

6. Check what you get for the price

Who wants to know the price of everything and the value of nothing? So go ahead and understand the value of chicken apart from the monetary basis. There may be jaw-dropping discounts and offers for buying chicken but have an eye for quality over quantity. For instance, if someone quotes a 1 kg chicken price at a low range don’t go outright on a shopping spree. Rather introspect why the price is quoted so low.

Finally having your favourite chicken delicacy is indeed an indulgence that you don’t experience every day. So make the most of it whenever you have a chicken. Grilled or boiled Chicken accompanied with some regular exercises, and rest, and soon you will be busy flexing your muscles.
The above-mentioned points are worthy enough for making the right choice while buying chicken.

Let us know your view on buying chicken in the comment section below.

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