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Make Delicious Hot Dogs using Chicken Frankfurters

Delicious Chicken Frankfurters – Hot Dogs

You can create scrumptious Chicken Frankfurter in the comfortable sanctuary of your home with just a few easy steps. Yes, you heard that right! Zorabians has produced Chicken Frankfurters which you can dress the American hot dog fashion and impress your guests!

Celebrations galore

With the FIFA World Cup going on it’s only natural that you will have a few pals over to watch a match. And anyway, the celebration doesn’t finish there. There’s Christmas coming up, followed by New Year, and let us not forget the wedding season is on too. It’s only natural to have guests pouring in.

Only a select few people are capable of planning the ideal party at home, and food is what makes it come to life! So if you are also looking forward to such get-togethers, go ahead and include a few dishes that would be enjoyed by people of all generations. Here are the simple step-by-step instructions for creating chicken frankfurters.

It is a universal fact that you can’t enjoy your happy moments without nice cuisine, but is it worth spending all your time in the kitchen to create something good and miss all the fun!? Well, we have a wonderful remedy for all your pleasant occasions with friends and family. Chicken frankfurter is ideal for such occasions. All you need is a few items in place, just add in the ingredients and enjoy. Here’s an easy recipe for a chicken hot dog that you can cook in just 10 minutes. So, without wasting any more time, just be a savvy home chef and woo your loved ones with this fantastic delight.

What exactly are Chicken frankfurters?

Frankfurter is remarkably similar to an American hot dog. You will not waste much time cooking either of them as both of them are actually cooked and then packaged. Each sausage is gently seasoned and mixed well with condiments to further enhance its flavour. The major component that contributes to the Smoked Chicken Frankfurter recipe is ground chicken. The ground chicken is packed into a long cylindrical shell with varied ingredients. The fillings range from onions to mint and garlic. It depends on what the chef has decided to fill it with.

However, it is easy to get confused between Chicken Frankfurter’s components and Chicken Sausages. Although both can be used to produce Hot Dogs, the primary distinction is: that Frankfurters are ready-to-eat and only require a bit of a toss in a pan. On the other hand, sausages could be uncooked and may require to be grilled or fried before consumption.

Why Zorabian Chicken Frankfurters?

Chicken Frankfurter

There’s no greater sausage than the Frankfurter to relieve those hungry pains, and Zorabians Chicken Frankfurters stake claim to 100% appeasing those pangs. Our Chicken Franks are created from the best ground chicken combined with fresh herbs and aromatic spices. Zorabians is committed to its consumer base and never compromises on product quality. Rest assured, we utilize spectacular exclusive ingredients and high-class superior quality chicken supplied only from our own farms with every product made under rigorous sanitation standards, exact techniques, and vigilant competence. No Additional Colors. We have allocated 150 acres to this farmland in Maharashtra where we have set up this state-of-the-art chicken plant. A feed that does not contain antibiotics. All goods are devoid of preservatives.

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How did the Frankfurter originate?

Synonymous with the terms ‘Hot Dog’ (thick) and ‘Wiener’ (long and thin) in America, the archetypal ‘Frankfurter’ goes by many various names in Germany…but is inspired by the city of Frankfurt, Germany, from where it gets its name. German’s locally name them ‘Frankfurter Würstchen’, and Zorabians Chicken Frankfurter sausages offer a nutritional anytime snack for kids and adults desires!

Now Order Zorabian chicken frankfurters online!

Chicken Frankfurter

At Zorabians we bring ready-to-cook Chicken Frankfurters right to your doorway. They are marinated freshly with various ingredients that will make your recipe more tasty. The chicken used for the creation of the Frankfurters is fresh. They don’t contain any artificial preservatives and only need to be tossed in a pan for a few minutes before they’re ready.

Available in 500 gms packets, Zorabians Chicken Frankfurter Sausages are easily available at most Retail Outlets pan India. Each packet contains 6 pieces. Our Chicken Frankfurters are slim, cured, and cooked sausages, gaining their distinctive smoky taste through smoking utilizing a particular process and method of low-temperature smoking. Preferably, toss franks only in a skillet and avoid overcooking them. Put it between large bread rolls, spread it with spicy mustard sauce, and combine it with French fries or a salad.

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Ensure the product is fully thawed before cooking and remove only the desired quantity.

Turn frankfurter occasionally for uniform cooking and serve hot.


Chicken Frankfurters Hot Dog – Recipe

Here are the ingredients you will require:

  • Course: Snack/ Appetizer
  • Cuisine: American
  • Servings: 6
  • INGREDIENTS: Zorabian Chicken Frankfurters – 500 gms – 1 pkt
  • Salt: As per taste
  • Hot dog bread rolls: 6 pieces
  • Lettuce or salad leaves: 1 per roll
  • Black pepper powder: 1/2 teaspoon
  • Mayonnaise Spread


  1. Cut the Hot Dog rolls into half and lightly roast them on each side in a pan or skillet. You could lightly brush them with butter too.
  2. Ensure they are browned but do not make the bread crisp. It should still remain soft.
  3. After this spoon some mayonnaise generously into each roll and spread it out evenly.
  4. Now layer the salad leaves in each roll.
  5.  Then take the frankfurters and uniformly toss them in a skillet or pan.
  6. Insert the frankfurters into each roll once they are ready. Use lettuce leaves on top of the Frankfurters as well.
  7. Now scatter salt and pepper as per taste over them.
  8. Your Chicken Frankfurter – Hot Dog American style is ready!

Serving suggestions:

You can serve the Chicken Hot Dog with Tomato sauce, mustard sauce, or sweet onion sauce. You can include French fries or a salad on the side.

Recipe Footnotes

What are you waiting for? Order Zorabian’s chicken frankfurters today. This fantastic appetizer will impress everyone, from your kids to your guests. Follow the above-given simple procedure to make a fantastic chicken frankfurter or hot dog at home. Besides chicken frankfurters, you will also find a range of our new arrivals to satiate your taste buds. Do try this product at the earliest and tag us with a picture on Instagram @zorabianchicken using #Zorabianchicken. For more details visit our online chicken store. We would love to see a picture of a tantalizing chicken frankfurter prepared by you!

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