Reshmi Chicken Tikka Pizza – It’s Friyaay

Reshmi Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe for your Friday Night Special, sounds good? TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) and the end of the working week and time to party. Is Friday night your pizza night? If yes, then why not make a delicious pizza at home rather than ordering it.

The Pizza story

The story of one of the most popular dishes in the world, the pizza, is not one that is very well documented. The Romans, Egyptians and Greeks have for very long known to be having flatbreads with different toppings. The type of flatbreads and their toppings of course varied from one place to the other. The story of the pizza that has conquered the tastebuds of the world, as we know it seems to have originated in Naples, Italy. It is known to be a result of the experiments of Esposito who made it finally for Queen Margherita. The humble pizza which is a flatbread with varied delicious toppings has won hearts and spread its tastes to all parts of the world since. 

Zorabian Reshmi Chicken Tikka

The Zorabian chicken marinates range brings the authentic taste of your favourite tikkas right to your home. With the best of spices, ingredients and research for the authentic recipe, we have ensured the restaurant taste in your kitchen. With the Zorabian Reshmi chicken tikka, making pizza at home with your favourite topping is so easy. Whether you have planned a quite family dinner or have friends over, you can roll out those delicious pizzas now so quickly. The Reshmi tikka is ready in minutes and with just a few other ingredients you can let the fun begin. Make the pizza in advance or let each one make their own pizza, what more for some Friday night fun. So let’s get started. 

Ingredients for the Reshmi Tikka Pizza

Pizza base – 2 (medium)’

Zorabian Reshmi Tikka – cook, cut into smaller pieces and keep aside

Pizza sauce – as required (you can use a store-bought brand or even homemade)

Basil Leaves – a few

Black olives – 2 tbsp (cut into smaller pieces)

Mozzarella – as required(grated)

Cheddar – as required (grated)

Olive oil – 1 tbsp

Bell peppers – cut into thin circles (you can do a mix of red, green and yellow) 

Oregano and parsley – dried 

Method for making the Reshmi Chicken Tikka Pizza

1- Take a pizza base and spread the pizza sauce over it.

2- Now mix together cheddar and mozzarella in a 1:1 ratio in a bowl and spread this over the pizza base.

3- Place your cooked and chopped Reshmi Chicken Tikka. Place the chopped bell peppers and black olives.

4- Cover with the cheese mixture. Sprinkle the oregano and parsley and place a few fresh basil leaves. Bake in the oven till the base is crisp and the cheese is well melted. Take out and pour a tbsp olive oil over it.

5- Cut using a pizza cutter and serve hot.

Why should you make your own Pizza?

Why order pizza when you can make it at home so easily? With this recipe, you can customize it to your individual tastes too. Add in mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken sausages or any other toppings of your choice. Even if you do not have an oven, you can enjoy your pizza by baking it on a thick-bottomed pan at home. 

Friday nights are sure going to be a lot more fun now with the Zorabian Chicken Reshmi Tikka Pizza. Order chicken online and the chicken tikkas now and get started with the weekend celebrations.

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